Molecular Biology Internship




We have a great Molecular Biology Internship opportunity in Northern Ireland for biology & life sciences students!
Based in Belfast, the host company's lead product detects DNA methylation changes in a minimal blood volume and can be analysed on highly sensitive, yet user-friendly, droplet digital PCR technology. Their cutting-edge approach to biomarker identification in ovarian cancer means this product has the potential to detect changes in the very earliest stages of disease. 
The student will be undertaking the following tasks with their mentor: 
  • Assist the research team in the generation of analytical documentation, for example methods, specifications, protocols, and reports.
  • Perform methylation biomarker validation on relevant protocols, methods and analyses, as specified by supervisor.
  • Support the research team in Research and Development (R&D) projects
This internship is the perfect opportunity for Master or PhD students with academic background in Research & Development and strong interest or experience in DNA extraction & PCR techniques. They will further develop their skills and gain international practical experience in the United Kingdom!
Please forward this exciting opportunity to your students and recent graduates. Don't miss the deadline, apply before the 14th of June!
At ESPA we aim to make the transition to come to a foreign country as easy and stress free as possible, especially in the current circumstances, so we always find the housing for the students and it will be paid for by the host company. 
There are no fees for students or universities to use our services. 


Would you be avaible for a quick chat? I'd like to learn more about your University, if there are any concerns about sending your students to the UK, and to discuss if there is a possibility for a cooperation in the future. Please book a time in my diary.